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Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

Published March 2018: The Messenger

IMG_1126Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

I’ve always been a dreamer, but a meticulous one. Although on the outside (and in my home of seven), you may not always see that I’m organized, but I believe that dreaming and planning go hand in hand.

Recently, I came across the phrase: “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do.” It struck me as something very fitting for my home office, so when attending one of those Brushes and Boards party, I made a wood sign with this exact phrase.

Every day when I’m working from my home office, I look up at this sign for motivation, especially when procrastination takes over. My children have walked through my office and noticed it, too. It truly defines how I feel about dreams and what I want my children to know. Continue reading


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The Little Things: Aging Gracefully

photo(2)I’ve never wanted to admit that I’m aging. In fact, as I get closer to 40, I find myself acting more like a teenager, wearing scarves, boots and purple jeggings, dancing to Flo Rida in my underwear and sucking down trendy Starbucks drinks much to my childrens’ dismay.

However, one thing I’ve learned during this year of transition and quite possibly, a mid-life crisis, is that as I age, it’s the little things that matter the most.

Instead of getting excited over 50 cent draft night, I find more pleasure in the purchase of a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Continue reading

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New Beginnings Disguised as Chaos

As a working single mom, I’ve never been one to wallow in the challenges of the balancing act. I’ve accepted the fact that I live in my car 6 out of 7 days a week transporting my kiddos to and from dance, football and soccer practices. I’ve accepted the fact that no matter how hard I try, we will run out of milk before I buy a new gallon and it’s likely that we will be late to at least three events each week. I’ve also accepted the fact that I am going to mess up … a lot. Continue reading

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When You Love Someone …

When you love someone, you give away your heart and your soul. You break down the walls, unleash your fears and dive in to experience something real.

When you love someone, you share who you are inside, what you dream to be and work together to accomplish those dreams.

When you love someone, you respect yourself, allow yourself to be treated fairly and embrace the good and bad about each other. Continue reading

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Nice to Meet Me

My name is Shannon and I like to run, sing, and dance around by myself. I truly like cutting the grass with the sun shining on my shoulders. I like to listen to music – any music – that makes me want to dance and I like to people watch and daydream. It’s nice to meet me.

I’ve always known ‘things’ about myself – I’m a mom, a partner, a teacher, an adviser, a friend, a colleague, a sister, a daughter and a neighbor – but I’ve always felt a little lost consumed by all of these roles. I wasn’t sure who I truly was and what I liked. Continue reading

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Trust Me … I have a Plan

If you asked my family whether or not they viewed me as a planner, I can guarantee that the answer would be no, maybe even Hell No.

This stems partially because I never seem prepared. I’m that mom in the carpool line digging through my purse fishing for quarters to pass out lunch money to my kids. I’m the driver scrolling through my GPS searching for directions on the way to my destination. And even worse, I’m one of those last minute appointment makers and birthday gift buyers (typically on the way to the party).

The reality is, though, that I am a mental planner. My ADD-ish brain is constantly in planning mode. Continue reading

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Silly Little Pumpkin Pie Deliciousness

I’ve never been crazy about pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread or even pumpkin-flavored ice cream treats, but I do have a fascination with the word “pumpkin.” Ever since my daughter was born, she has been my pumpkin. And when my son came along, he became my pumpkin pie.

Twelve years later and I still call them my pumpkins. I text them with embarrassing lovey-dovey notes such as ‘How is my peppy slice of pumpkin pie deliciousness’ and ‘Mommy loves her pumpkin doodle.’ Continue reading

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A Touch of Cream Cheese and Grandma J

It’s no secret that I rarely cook, bake or even get near that thing called an oven that is standard in most kitchens. It’s not that I don’t know how (contrary to what many believe); it’s just that I choose not to.

We are regulars at nearby restaurants and drive-thru windows and have been quite content without dishes in the sink or an oven to clean. However, holidays pose a problem for me. It is tradition for everyone to bring a dish to each gathering and not many restaurants are open on Christmas Day for me to order carryout.

So, my understanding family typically asks me to bring bread or rolls. Continue reading

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My Christmas Shoes

When I was little, Christmas was my favorite time of year. It was the anticipation of spending time with my family, the excitement over gift giving and the nervousness of holiday plays and church programs.

For me, the main events always lived up to the anticipation. But, I’m not so little anymore.

Continue reading

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See You on the Other Side, Grandma J.

To many, my grandma was June, the longtime checker at ShopLand. We knew this as kids because someone recognized her everywhere we went. To others, she was Aunt June, Junie, Mrs. Jordan, mom and Nana J. She was Grandma J to most of us.

Beyond what she was called, she was the one who opened up her home and her heart to our friends, to extended family and anyone else who knew she had candy bars in that bottom drawer of the fridge.

Continue reading

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