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The Little Things: Aging Gracefully

photo(2)I’ve never wanted to admit that I’m aging. In fact, as I get closer to 40, I find myself acting more like a teenager, wearing scarves, boots and purple jeggings, dancing to Flo Rida in my underwear and sucking down trendy Starbucks drinks much to my childrens’ dismay.

However, one thing I’ve learned during this year of transition and quite possibly, a mid-life crisis, is that as I age, it’s the little things that matter the most.

Instead of getting excited over 50 cent draft night, I find more pleasure in the purchase of a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Instead of splurging on a pair of overpriced Ugg boots, I get excited about the clearance rack at The Limited. And, most of all, instead of trashing my closet in search of the perfect outfit, I prefer to have my room picked up, free from clutter. I actually hang my clothes up as soon as I take them off now.

This. Never. Used. To. Happen.

It’s the little things that help you appreciate getting older. It’s recognizing that you worked hard for a paycheck or made solid connections with sources for an article. It’s knowing that you made a difference in a student’s life when he or she calls you with news about a new job.

The little things add up to much more than your age. The little things help keep you on track mentally and most of all, as you realize 40 is closing in, keep you feeling young enough to make you think you can still pull off purple pants, cool enough to suck down a latte and limber enough to dance to “Whistle” even though you know you should probably be offended by the lyrics versus pumped up by the beat at this age.

I’ll never be a teenager again, but if I keep appreciating the little things, I’ll always feel like one.

Shannon Philpott
Blog Entry: Jan. 10, 2013

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