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A Touch of Cream Cheese and Grandma J

It’s no secret that I rarely cook, bake or even get near that thing called an oven that is standard in most kitchens. It’s not that I don’t know how (contrary to what many believe); it’s just that I choose not to. Read the rest at

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The Origin of Woo Hoo Gifts

Sometimes, the best traditions evolve by accident. My family is no exception. In fact, we have our very own woo hoo gift tradition every Christmas that most people don’t understand. It began when I was a child and I’m proud to say that I created the whole woo hoo phenomenon. We all have that one gift that we receive that is the most special. It is not always an expensive gift but more so one that means the most to us. Every year, my mom would wait for my “Woo Hoo!” and she would know which gift she gave me was the most special. Read the rest at

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Last Holiday

Some of my favorite childhood memories stem from Grandma J’s house. It was one of the smallest two-story houses on one of the busiest streets of the city, but all I remember is how big it was in my eyes. It was a place where big memories were made. I can remember sledding down the hill that led to her backyard with my cousins, playing house in the abandoned bedrooms upstairs, and finding Easter eggs in her sitting room when it was rainy outside. Most of all, though, I remember decorating Grandma’s tree the weekend before Christmas every year. She would play Andy Williams records and cousins, aunts, and uncles would gather in her little kitchen to eat hamburgers and chili. She was the only one I knew who used real tinsel on her tree and even though we made a mess that haunted her Read the rest at