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A Touch of Cream Cheese and Grandma J

It’s no secret that I rarely cook, bake or even get near that thing called an oven that is standard in most kitchens. It’s not that I don’t know how (contrary to what many believe); it’s just that I choose not to.

We are regulars at nearby restaurants and drive-thru windows and have been quite content without dishes in the sink or an oven to clean. However, holidays pose a problem for me. It is tradition for everyone to bring a dish to each gathering and not many restaurants are open on Christmas Day for me to order carryout.

So, my understanding family typically asks me to bring bread or rolls. Continue reading


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The Origin of Woo Hoo Gifts

Sometimes, the best traditions evolve by accident. My family is no exception. In fact, we have our very own woo hoo gift tradition every Christmas that most people don’t understand.

It began when I was a child and I’m proud to say that I created the whole woo hoo phenomenon.

We all have that one gift that we receive that is the most special. It is not always an expensive gift but more so one that means the most to us. Every year, my mom would wait for my “Woo Hoo!” and she would know which gift she gave me was the most special. Continue reading

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