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Happy Parents = Happy Kids

Published October 2011: eHow Family

Happy Parents = Happy Kids
How to Keep Yourself Happy While Balancing the Chaos of Family Life

Article Excerpt:

Too often, parents get caught in a constant whirl of kid-friendly activities, scheduling mishaps and drive-through dinners to meet the needs of their family. A 4 a.m. feeding or daily carpool can drain even the most energetic mom or dad. Continue reading


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Destination: Mom-Cation

Published June 2011: eHow Family & Relationships

Destination: Mom-Cation
A Time-Out for Mom

Article Excerpt:

A mom often spends her days tripping over action figures, soothing her infant’s emerging teeth and defusing the tantrums of a toddler. Exhaustion sets in, and, with a little luck, she may get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. to bless her tired bones.

The fast-paced life of a mother can run down even the most fit and healthy mom if she doesn’t make time for herself.

Ramani Durvasula, a Los Angeles-based family therapist and mother, notes that mothering has turned into a competitive sport in our society. The result is burnout and “suboptimal” mothering. Continue reading

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Silly Little Pumpkin Pie Deliciousness

I’ve never been crazy about pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread or even pumpkin-flavored ice cream treats, but I do have a fascination with the word “pumpkin.” Ever since my daughter was born, she has been my pumpkin. And when my son came along, he became my pumpkin pie.

Twelve years later and I still call them my pumpkins. I text them with embarrassing lovey-dovey notes such as ‘How is my peppy slice of pumpkin pie deliciousness’ and ‘Mommy loves her pumpkin doodle.’ Continue reading

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Diary of a Wimpy Mom

A few evenings ago I took my 9 and 11-year old to see a screening of the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” The movie was quite entertaining with more than a fair share of references to boogers, moldy cheese and bathroom bombs.

 What made me laugh the most, though, was the chaotic household of this “wimpy” kid. He and his older brother defined sibling rivalry. They physically fought, verbally tortured each other and pranked one another constantly. At one point, one brother even peed on the other in retaliation. Continue reading

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