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The School Year: Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster

Published September 2011: eHow Family & Relationships

The School Year: Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster
Help Your Child Handle the Highs, Lows and Challenges of School

Article Excerpt:

When Christine Hammond picked up her first-grade daughter from school one day, she sensed that something was wrong. Her suspicions were confirmed when her daughter cried uncontrollably for 20 minutes while sitting in the car. As a concerned parent of three, Hammond patiently waited for her child to reveal that she did not earn a sticker for the week because she talked out of turn in the classroom. Continue reading


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The World of Parents and Their Tweens

Published August 2011: eHow Family & Relationships

The World of Parents and Their Tweens
Patience, Understanding and Love Help Children Navigate This Critical Period

Article Excerpt:

The tween years can be an exciting yet treacherous time for a child. Beyond an increased awareness of physical and emotional changes, these 8- to 12-year-olds clinging to childlike innocence are pushed into the world of adolescence. Continue reading

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Navigating After-School Care

Published August 2011: eHow Family & Relationships

Navigating After-School Care
How to Find the Best Fit for Your Child

Article Excerpt:

In a society where it’s common for both Mom and Dad to work outside the home, the typical 9-to-5 schedule doesn’t afford many parents the luxury of picking up their children from school. Continue reading

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Nice to Meet Me

My name is Shannon and I like to run, sing, and dance around by myself. I truly like cutting the grass with the sun shining on my shoulders. I like to listen to music – any music – that makes me want to dance and I like to people watch and daydream. It’s nice to meet me.

I’ve always known ‘things’ about myself – I’m a mom, a partner, a teacher, an adviser, a friend, a colleague, a sister, a daughter and a neighbor – but I’ve always felt a little lost consumed by all of these roles. I wasn’t sure who I truly was and what I liked. Continue reading

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I See You: Taking Risks Online

I’m not one to lecture and I hate being lectured to, but when it comes to talking to my students about establishing an online presence, I turn on my ‘lecture’ voice. “Be proud of what you produce because it is permanent.” In the past 5 years, I have uttered these words more times than I care to remember.

Here’s Why: Continue reading

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Your Turn: Games to Foster Better Sibling Relationships

Published April 2011: eHow Family & Relationships

Your Turn: Games to Foster Better Sibling Relationships
Create a Winning Match Through Play

Article Excerpt:

A squabble over toys or a disagreement about house rules may seem pretty typical between a brother and sister. However, when the arguing escalates and disrupts home life for the entire family, it may indicate that sibling rivalry is rearing its ugly head.

According to New York-based Jane Greer, Ed.D., a nationally known marriage and family therapist and author of “What About Me? Stop Selfishness from Ruining Your Relationship,” when children aren’t taught to share, it results in severe sibling rivalry. Continue reading

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Trust Me … I have a Plan

If you asked my family whether or not they viewed me as a planner, I can guarantee that the answer would be no, maybe even Hell No.

This stems partially because I never seem prepared. I’m that mom in the carpool line digging through my purse fishing for quarters to pass out lunch money to my kids. I’m the driver scrolling through my GPS searching for directions on the way to my destination. And even worse, I’m one of those last minute appointment makers and birthday gift buyers (typically on the way to the party).

The reality is, though, that I am a mental planner. My ADD-ish brain is constantly in planning mode. Continue reading

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Silly Little Pumpkin Pie Deliciousness

I’ve never been crazy about pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread or even pumpkin-flavored ice cream treats, but I do have a fascination with the word “pumpkin.” Ever since my daughter was born, she has been my pumpkin. And when my son came along, he became my pumpkin pie.

Twelve years later and I still call them my pumpkins. I text them with embarrassing lovey-dovey notes such as ‘How is my peppy slice of pumpkin pie deliciousness’ and ‘Mommy loves her pumpkin doodle.’ Continue reading

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Paying it Forward for Spring Break

Published March 2011: eHow Family & Relationships

Paying it Forward for Spring Break
Pitching in for a good cause teaches important lessons

Article Excerpt:
As a clinical counselor, Susan Fee listens daily as parents talk about wanting their children to be more appreciative, selfless, independent and caring. “I often ask, ‘What opportunities are you giving them to achieve these goals?’ ” Fee said. Continue reading

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The Snow-Covered Editor-Writer Relationship

This weekend, my mom got on me about not shoveling the snow off my driveway after the Midwest was pummeled with 12 inches of winter wonderland-ness. My response? “We have 4-wheel drive. Why do we need to shovel?”

I’ll spare you with the ‘you should think of others’ lecture I received after she tried to pull her little car in my driveway and move on to what the conversation inspired me to think about – Editor and Writer Relationships. Continue reading

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