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Tips for Parents to Get Through the Puberty Years

The puberty years can send parents and preteens on an emotional roller coaster ride. From wild mood swings and impatient moments to short fuses and temper tantrums, it’s likely the entire family will need to find ways to adjust and cope. How can you keep your sanity while also offering a supportive environment for your pubescent child? Education, communication and self-care should be a top priority for parents during this time.

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The World of Parents and Their Tweens

The tween years can be an exciting yet treacherous time for a child. Beyond an increased awareness of physical and emotional changes, these 8- to 12-year-olds clinging to childlike innocence are pushed into the world of adolescence. "Around these years, children begin to become increasingly self-conscious, and this often drives social difficulties that did not exist in their lives before," said Dr. John Duffy, a Chicago-based clinical psychologist. "Of course, pushing the boundaries of freedoms and exhibiting new attitudes also arise during these years." Even though the tween years can test the strength and patience of the child and parent, it doesn't have to result in a game of survival. The key to a healthy parent-tween relationship relies on a clear understanding of boundaries and the struggles and freedoms the tween is now facing on a daily basis.

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Parents vs. Tweens: Survival of the Fittest?

The “tween” years have their own unique issues, as children ricochet back and forth between early childhood and beckoning adolescence. But the relationship between parent and child doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. Read more at http://www.shannonphilpott.com

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My Dog is a Tween

We all go through defiant phases in our lives – the terrible twos, the child/adolescent tween years, the roll-your-eyes-at-everything teen stage, and then adulthood, the stage with more categories I can name in one blog post. This week, I’ve realized that dogs go through many of these same phases and I’ve determined that my dog is officially a tween. Read the rest at http://www.shannonphilpott.com