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The School Year: Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster

Published September 2011: eHow Family & Relationships

The School Year: Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster
Help Your Child Handle the Highs, Lows and Challenges of School

Article Excerpt:

When Christine Hammond picked up her first-grade daughter from school one day, she sensed that something was wrong. Her suspicions were confirmed when her daughter cried uncontrollably for 20 minutes while sitting in the car. As a concerned parent of three, Hammond patiently waited for her child to reveal that she did not earn a sticker for the week because she talked out of turn in the classroom.

“Our son, the oldest, attempted to comfort her by telling her that it was OK because he never earned a sticker in all his years of school,” said Hammond, a registered mental health counseling intern and educator.

Her daughter’s crying quickly turned to laughter at her brother’s remark. “No two kids are the same,” Hammond said. “So, just because one is upset, it does not mean the other will be upset over the same issue.”

As a parent, you can easily recognize when your child is angry, hurt or even sleepy from a busy day. Your child, though, is not always able to recognize, absorb and accept his feelings.

Fostering his ability to recognize and understand his emotions can help him succeed in school, make and maintain friendships, and even grow closer to the entire family.

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– Shannon Philpott


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