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Happy Parents = Happy Kids

Published October 2011: eHow Family

Happy Parents = Happy Kids
How to Keep Yourself Happy While Balancing the Chaos of Family Life

Article Excerpt:

Too often, parents get caught in a constant whirl of kid-friendly activities, scheduling mishaps and drive-through dinners to meet the needs of their family. A 4 a.m. feeding or daily carpool can drain even the most energetic mom or dad.

Between your daughter’s dance lessons, your son’s soccer practice and hours of homework and housework to wade through, your hectic schedule may lead to exhaustion and even resentment as you are consumed with your ever-changing role as a parent.

But, according to Dr. Robin Siebold, a Florida-based psychotherapist, becoming a parent does not mean you should give up on your own personal goals and your pursuit of happiness. “The stronger we are as persons, the stronger we are as parents and as a couple, and the stronger, more self-reliant children we raise,” she said.

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– Shannon Philpott


1 thought on “Happy Parents = Happy Kids”

  1. Dear Shannon,
    I love your article and totally agree with you. You might be interested in an approach I’ve developed to help parents focus on managing their lives and the importance of being happy and creating deeper connections to their children. I won’t say anymore here in case it is considered as spam but please write to me at alan@everyfamilymatters.org.uk.
    Love LIFE!

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