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Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

Published March 2018: The Messenger

IMG_1126Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

I’ve always been a dreamer, but a meticulous one. Although on the outside (and in my home of seven), you may not always see that I’m organized, but I believe that dreaming and planning go hand in hand.

Recently, I came across the phrase: “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do.” It struck me as something very fitting for my home office, so when attending one of those Brushes and Boards party, I made a wood sign with this exact phrase.

Every day when I’m working from my home office, I look up at this sign for motivation, especially when procrastination takes over. My children have walked through my office and noticed it, too. It truly defines how I feel about dreams and what I want my children to know.

It’s tricky when you are a dreamer and a parent. Parenting has been, and still is, my most important job. Even more so, it was the best dream come true. I have had the pleasure of watching both of my children take their first steps, say their first words and accomplish ‘firsts’ they never dreamed of throughout their life so far. I’ve witnessed them take their First Communion, select their Confirmation names and ponder their faith.

I never dreamed I would experience so much joy watching my children plan and dream – something I can’t control, nor would I ever want to. I see a little bit of me in them when they plan out the classes they want to take, colleges they want to visit and even lay out the clothes they want to wear the next day.

They see the importance of planning but more importantly, they have the desire to dream and take the necessary steps to make their dreams come true.

As I watch my children dream, succeed, fail, pick up the pieces and plan again, I can’t help but feel they have more guidance than they realize. They have a faith community guiding them, grandparents and family friends who pray for them and a mother who prays that they will never give up on their dreams.

I have learned that you can never stop dreaming. Our dreams are what keep us moving upward, keep our faith in the future and help us accomplish the small steps that lead to each big goal.

Even though I love my career and wouldn’t trade parenting for anything else in the world, I can’t help but plan for the next phase in my life. How will I spend my retirement? Who can I help or assist when my children are grown and building lives of their own? How can I continue to enrich my faith and instill dreams and plans in others?

I’m not old enough to know the answers to these questions, but until then, I will continue to plan, knowing that the course may change and the dreams may get bigger. And, you can bet that my faith will be along for the ride.



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  1. Good one Shan.

    Comment by DONALD KOHNEN | March 8, 2018 | Reply

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