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Need a Therapist? Try Writing

writingI’m not a therapist, nor will I ever be. I’m not even the type that gives advice and counsels others well. I can’t solve world problems, let alone my own problems.

 We all have problems that inconvenience our daily lives – problems with work, school, and home. Significant others, parents, children, friends, and family members test our patience, tempers, and will. Health problems plague many of us, financial woes are in full swing, and the uncertainty of our future path makes life stressful more often than not. Continue reading

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People to See, Places to Go

Blue-question-markPeople amaze and inspire me. People annoy and frustrate me. Most of all, though, people interest me. I’m a people person in many ways – just not in the way that most think.

 A people person is often defined as someone who is constantly socializing, making connections, and attracting followers – the type that has uncanny charisma working the room in elegant fashion.

 That’s not me. Continue reading

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Not Just Another Number

40While working on writing assignments for the upcoming English composition class I’m teaching this fall, I came across a writing prompt that I found peculiar, yet intriguing. Former students of mine can attest to the fact that the more peculiar I find something, the more I want to explore it.

 So, my exploring begins. The prompt read: “How old would you be if you didn’t know your real age?”

 Don’t worry. I’m not going to bore you with a cliché-ish response such as “You are only as old as you feel.” That’s crap. You know why? Continue reading

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Procrastination Kills Confidence

Two weeks ago, I bought a gallon of light brown paint with every intention to paint one living room wall. I had an 100_0708entire week without distractions; the kids were gone, the dog was taken care of, and my workload was minimal.

 However, two weeks later, the paint sits staring at me, patiently, alongside its tray, brush, roller, and tape. Every so often, I glance at it, tucked away in the corner and think, “Yeah, I should really finish what I started,” but I don’t. It sits still, forming clumps in formation, waiting for me to stop procrastinating and give it a little stir.

 As a journalist, procrastination is an evil trait. Once the excitement of gathering facts, interviews, notes, and observations dwindles, procrastination often sets in. The only thing left to do? Write the damn story. But, the notes sit, the voice recordings sit, and my potential lead and nut graph float in my brain for a few days. I rationalize this by telling myself that I’m just “developing the angle” or “perfecting the outline in my mind,” but I’m lying to myself – I’m just procrastinating. Continue reading

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Don’t be a Visual Showroom Only: Showcase the Text, Too

checkEver think about what attracts consumers to a website? More often than not, it is photos, multimedia elements such as video, audio, and flash effects, and colorful graphics. But, after the glory of these components wear off in a mere 30 seconds, most consumers move on if the copy doesn’t measure up.

Graphics and multimedia elements grab attention, but the text is what holds the consumer. This is a common mistake that website builders make. They put more emphasis on the visuals and then slap a few paragraphs of poorly written copy around it. Big Mistake! The text is the core of the site – it guides the reader, it offers explanations, descriptions, and most importantly, informs the site visitor.  A web site must be a resource first and a sales showroom second which means that web site builders must invest the time and money into powerful copy. Continue reading

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