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At Ashmann’s, Just ‘Ask Lenny’

100_0783Brief version published in the 8/9/09 issue of the Suburban Journals/Collinsville Herald
Extended version is as follows:

            He’s the go-to guy. He’s the one to ask about how to treat a wasp sting, how to test blood sugar and how to relieve a sunburn or rash. “Let me ask Lenny” is a common phrase heard throughout the aisles of Ashmann’s Pharmacy in Collinsville.
            Lenny Locus, owner of Ashmann’s for the past 11 years, has been a fixture in the store since 1967. It’s not his hard work or long hours that most notice – it’s that he is a people person. Continue reading


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People to See, Places to Go

Blue-question-markPeople amaze and inspire me. People annoy and frustrate me. Most of all, though, people interest me. I’m a people person in many ways – just not in the way that most think.

 A people person is often defined as someone who is constantly socializing, making connections, and attracting followers – the type that has uncanny charisma working the room in elegant fashion.

 That’s not me. Continue reading

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