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To-Do List Irony

todolistWith the start of a new school year, the tasks I must complete on a daily basis have been overloading my brain. As much as I try, I’m not an organized person. I struggle to remember birthdays, deadlines, and even lunch money for my kiddos, and have forgotten all three just this week.

 In an effort to calm the stress and guilt of forgetting what I need to do, I sat down and created a to-do list. This list was much too long and overwhelming, so I divided it into three lists – one for my tasks at work/school, one for my freelance work, and one for home.

 Shortly after I finished the lists, I developed a strong hate for the memo pad of chores. Continue reading


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Need a Therapist? Try Writing

writingI’m not a therapist, nor will I ever be. I’m not even the type that gives advice and counsels others well. I can’t solve world problems, let alone my own problems.

 We all have problems that inconvenience our daily lives – problems with work, school, and home. Significant others, parents, children, friends, and family members test our patience, tempers, and will. Health problems plague many of us, financial woes are in full swing, and the uncertainty of our future path makes life stressful more often than not. Continue reading

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