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If You Love Someone, Let Them Go

meandmysistersI’ve always heard that if you love someone you should let them go. Personally, I struggle with letting go. As much as I know that change is a powerful, necessary force in life, I still resist it, fight it, and dread it. As much as I’ve been dreading today, I never realized how much it would hurt to let go of my baby sister.

 Although Molly has been a jet setter from day one, she always seemed to be within reach. We rarely saw her when she lived nearby, but she was there when it mattered and we knew that she was within reach. When she moved as far as Hawaii, she was still within the country. Today, she boarded a plane for Germany. As far as I want to reach out my hand, she’s just too far away to take it now. Continue reading


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Big Wheel Keep on Turnin’

100_0912As young children, we often live in the shadows of our siblings. We tend to tag along with the older ones, mimicking their likes and dislikes. We dote on the younger ones, trying to play mom while tending to their wants and needs.

As the middle child, clearly suffering from middle child syndrome, I always felt part of the gang but clearly suffered from an identity crisis. I was Dana’s younger sister. I was Molly’s older sister. I was the middle one, the only one without red hair. In reality, though, I just wanted to be Shannon.

During a cool, fall day in 1980, I claimed my identity, my independence, and launched the first of many adventures that sparked the growth of my stubborn and precocious personality. Continue reading

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