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Can Moving Often Affect a Child’s Development?

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 7.30.23 AMPublished December 2012: Mom.Me

Can Moving Often Affect a Child’s Development?
A new home means change, which can be hard on kids

Article Excerpt:

As your children eagerly pack up toys and prepare their stuffed animals for a new location for tea parties and wrestling matches, the excitement of moving is likely building. Moving affects everyone in the family in both positive and negative ways; however, parents often question whether moving frequently can affect a child’s development.

“Just as moving is stressful for adults, it’s also stressful for children, so it shouldn’t be a big surprise that children experience a variety of emotions related to moving,” says Christina Steinorth, the author of “Cue Cards for Life: Gentle Reminders for Better Relationships” and a licensed psychotherapist in Santa Barbara, Calif., with a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. Recognizing the effects that moving has on your child’s development can help prepare the entire family for the adjustments and challenges that may result.

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– Shannon Philpott



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