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Marriage or Divorce? Which One Will Kill You First?

kill billIt’s no secret that divorce sends couples on an emotional rollercoaster. Regardless of how amicable the split is, there are periods of grief, anger, denial, self doubt and sometimes, even malicious behavior toward each other.

Aware of the pain, grief, and fear divorce may cause to the couple, children, family, and friends, I have always advocated that staying in an unhealthy marriage or unfitting relationship causes much more pain and grief for all parties involved.

Divorce is not a get out of jail card, it is not a trial and error opportunity, nor is it a lazy act by couples that didn’t try, as many critics claim. In reality, divorce is usually the last option, the last chance to salvage any type of friendship or co-parenting relationship.

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Dirty Little Secrets

postcard I have a secret. More than likely, you have a secret, too. What would it take to convince you to divulge that secret? Maybe fear, maybe attention, maybe guilt.

 For some, a postcard will do the trick.   Continue reading

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