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Dirty Little Secrets

postcard I have a secret. More than likely, you have a secret, too. What would it take to convince you to divulge that secret? Maybe fear, maybe attention, maybe guilt.

 For some, a postcard will do the trick.  

 Earlier this summer, my students published a newspaper centerspread about (check out “What’s Your Secret?” at

 The site publishes postcards with “secrets” that readers have mailed in – a secret that they just had to divulge. Maybe because of fear, maybe for attention, or maybe to pacify guilt.

 Secrets such as:

  • It makes me smile when I see people have bad weather on their lavish vacations … even if I’ve been there – or –
  • I pretend to hate my job because everyone else does, but I secretly love it.

 While some secrets are tame, others are personal, potentially offensive, and downright shocking. But, the secret is out – and the anonymous individual is now guilt-free.

 Meanwhile, the rest of us, still probably holding onto a secret, get to learn way more than we ever wanted to know about complete strangers.


– Shannon Philpott
Blog Entry: July 24, 2009

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  1. thanx so for sharing this site (easily added as a favorite now,again)
    Way back, I had visited and even dared to send a card that exposed something I was clearly ashamed of. I don’t know if they printed it online or in one of their books but I know that I abandoned the amazing, theraputic, and sometimes achingly beautiful & heartwrenching site perhaps because I was still embarrased enough to run.
    thanx, timely friend, for leading me back to something I valued.

    Comment by namelessneed | July 25, 2009 | Reply

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