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Home is Never Too Far Away

homeI’ve never considered myself a homebody. I love to travel, I love to see new places, and I love to witness the unique culture of each city I visit.

 For some reason, though, I tend to be a homebody when I’m not at home.

 This morning I arrived in Minneapolis, Minn. with four of my students to attend a journalism convention at the University of Minnesota. Minneapolis hosts a vast amount of unique eateries, shops, and museums. There is endless opportunity to taste and touch the culture within the city.

 What I have learned, though, is that no matter how much people want to jump in and experience the culture, we tend to participate at arm’s length. We watch with amusement, we talk about our observations, and we admire the city … from afar.

 Then, we become homebodies. We revert back to our “comfortable” habits and stick to what we know, which is exactly what I did today.

 I traveled with the pack to the Mall of America, a corporate, yet familiar setting with shops just like home. I ate at the Food Court, ordered my Starbucks’ favorite, and shopped at Old Navy, the Limited, and Barnes and Noble – all “comfortable” establishments, just like home.

 Although I had a great time, I wonder now how much better I would have enjoyed this city if I had become a little uncomfortable and ventured away from home.

 There’s always tomorrow.

 – Shannon Philpott
Blog Entry: July 23, 2009

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