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Keeping Toddlers Safe

Published October 2010:

Keeping Toddlers Safe

Article Overview:

Toddlers are constantly moving and exploring their surroundings, and it takes no time at all for a toddler to get into harm’s way.

There’s no hotter priority for parents than finding ways to prevent the unthinkable before it happens.

But the relationship between parent and child doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. Continue reading


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Parenting Hurts So Good

bandaidI always underestimated the challenges of parenting. I thought that the moans and groans of parents were highly exaggerated. The baby sleeps, eats, poops – end of story, right?

 Wrong. The baby grows up, gains independence and strength, and ultimately begins to talk, socialize, and test boundaries.

 Parenting is hard and even more so, parenting hurts.  Continue reading

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The Perfect Woman

Woman_SilhouetteIs there such a thing as the perfect woman? This occurred to me during a bedtime talk with my 9-year old son. He mentioned that he couldn’t wait for college because “there is a time and place for everything,” he said, “and that’s college.”

 Curious by what he thought happened in college, he informed me that he would meet his perfect woman there. What came next is what disturbed me the most.

 He described his “perfect woman” as a “girl with long, dangly hair, a small nose, a tiny butt, big boobs, lots of lipstick,” and most of all, “a clear face without any pimples or freckles.” Oh, and yes, she must wear tennis shoes instead of high heels. Continue reading

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