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Parenting Hurts So Good

bandaidI always underestimated the challenges of parenting. I thought that the moans and groans of parents were highly exaggerated. The baby sleeps, eats, poops – end of story, right?

 Wrong. The baby grows up, gains independence and strength, and ultimately begins to talk, socialize, and test boundaries.

 Parenting is hard and even more so, parenting hurts.  Continue reading


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Is Bigger Better? Not if You Give a Damn

100_0939My son is a huge fan of Legos and spends days on end building high-tech airplanes, robotic creatures, and sky scrapers. He never gets tired of building, but he gets frustrated when he struggles to top his previous creation with something bigger and better.

 Apparently, in his mind, bigger is better.

 The more extravagant the construction, the more pleased he is with himself. For example, today’s creation was a two-story Lego mansion equipped with a big screen TV. Continue reading

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