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Parenting Hurts So Good

bandaidI always underestimated the challenges of parenting. I thought that the moans and groans of parents were highly exaggerated. The baby sleeps, eats, poops – end of story, right?

 Wrong. The baby grows up, gains independence and strength, and ultimately begins to talk, socialize, and test boundaries.

 Parenting is hard and even more so, parenting hurts. 

Parenting hurts when your child falls, scrapes a knee, breaks an arm, or chips a tooth. We feel the pain running through our own bodies, desperately wanting to fix it for our child.

 Parenting hurts when your child cries after being teased, ostracized, singled out, or ignored by another child. We want to take away the emotional pain because as grown ups, we know that it is something we take to heart and never forget.

 Parenting hurts when your child tries like hell to achieve something and fails, or falls below average. We want to see him or her rise above the rest and feel the pride we felt with our own successes.

 As a parent, I know that parenting is hard. There are times when we doubt our abilities as parents, re-think our actions, our words. Parenting hurts when you feel as if you’ve failed, failed to make your child happy, failed to show them the right path, and failed to set an example.

 Ironically, in the next minute, as parents, we get to see our children smile, laugh, succeed, and live healthy productive lives.

 Forever we will absorb the hurt our children feel – physically, socially and emotionally – but with the pain comes the joy. Parenting never hurt so good. 


– Shannon Philpott
Blog Entry: Sept. 30, 2009

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  1. I could never express myself like you do through words. This is exactly what so many parents think and go through. Everything you said above is exactly how I feel but could never put into words. You have a gift. I love you. Thank you for keeping me going…..

    Comment by Dana | September 30, 2009 | Reply

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