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16 of the World’s Best Marathons

marathonsPublished March 2014:

16 World’s Best Marathons

Article Excerpt:

Completing a marathon takes determination and a commitment to months (and sometimes even years) of training. The sense of accomplishment, though, when crossing that finish line makes it all worthwhile, says Ewen North, head coach and director of Revolution Running in Boulder, Colo. “Not everyone in the world is capable of such a feat, and the dedication to training alone is an achievement in and of itself,” says North.

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9 Tips to Find Your Sport

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 7.09.46 AMPublished December 2012: eHow Health

9 Tips to Find Your Sport

Article Excerpt:

When it comes to sports, the options are endless. From tennis and golf to running and cycling, there’s something for almost everyone. But, how do you choose a sport that fits your personality? To help you figure this out, we asked a series of fitness and lifestyle experts. Here’s what they told us. Continue reading

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Foot-Friendly Writing Techniques

I’m a messy, unfocused writer at times. I make lists, slop words on a page, rant, rave, and then try to make sense of the mess. As I regularly explain to my Composition students, writing is naturally messy, but the process of cleaning up the mess is when the real writing begins.

 In order to craft a piece that is cohesive, concise, and focused, writers need to find personal strategies and processes that produce perfection. For me, finding my focus involves an odd tradition that has worked for me throughout the past 10 years – I put on my tennis shoes. Continue reading

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No More Excuses, Whiners

We are clearly a society of whiners. We whine when life seems unfair and we whine when things don’t go our way. We whine to get out of tasks we should do and whine when we are forced to do these tasks out of necessity.

Even worse, when our whining loses its touch, we resort to excuses.

I’m guilty, too. I’ll whine that I’m tired in the morning thus creating an excuse not to go for a run. My whine temporarily makes me feel better and my excuse justifies my lack of motivation. The task at hand loses value and my lazy butt stays in bed for an additional 30 minutes. Ironically, later, I’ll probably whine that I’m putting on a few pounds.

While whining breaks down our resistance, our excuses enable us to head down the road to no-where-ville. Continue reading

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My Love/Hate Relationship with Running

100_0799I love running, yet I hate running. We have this love/hate relationship – the type of relationship with days when I want to embrace it at times and then other days, when I want to just call it quits and kick it to the curb.

 When I’m smitten and in love with running, it is less challenging. I look forward to the peacefulness of the neighborhood, the feel of the wind on my face, and the strength I feel building in my legs. I love the “alone” time it affords me. I love the freedom it brings – the choice to run hard or jog lightly. I love the rush I get and the self satisfaction I feel when I am finished with the workout. But most of all, I love the way it keeps me fit and tightens my toosh. Continue reading

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