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Fatty Choices, Fatty Patterns

Fast_foodI’ve fought weight gain since I can remember – my family has taken note of my “Oprah Syndrome,” too. One year I’m skinny, the next I’m not. My kids, too, have fluctuated as well as seasons come and go. I’m not a doctor and I don’t pretend to be one. But, I am an observer and I do notice trends, habits, and behaviors of people, including myself.

So, when I read of studies about how childhood obesity is completely genetic, I get angry. Obesity, beyond medical conditions, is primarily a result of behaviors and choices. If you eat French fries on a regular basis, you will gain weight. If you consume three doughnuts for breakfast each day, more than likely, you will gain weight. We make the choice whether or not to eat healthy and our kids follow suit. Continue reading

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Just Say NO to Excessive Weight Gain

mandy1Published in the Fall 2003 issue of “CollegeBound Teen
 College is more than just classes and grades. As if stressing about new courses, friends, and money isn’t enough, you’re also worried about your weight. The frenzied routine of college life, academic pressures, and hectic schedules cause many students to develop poor eating habits, like routinely hitting the fast food drive-through at 2 a.m.
Hence the infamous  Freshman 15 .

Beware, though — it’s not always the Freshman 15. For some, it’s the Freshman 25 or 40! When Loren Gmachl went to the University of Oklahoma (Tulsa, OK), she anticipated the pressures of being away from home. What she didn’t expect was the onset of weight gain. Despite her usual high metabolism and thin frame, Loren packed on 20 pounds her first year. Continue reading

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