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Set Clear Rules to Achieve Safe Parties for Young Teens

Published April 2010:

Set Clear Rules to Achieve Safe Parties for Young Teens

Article Overview:

If there’s ever a situation when parents need to set clear expectations and guidelines, it’s parties for young teens! A teen center in Illinois that’s been popular for more than 50 years offers strategies for safe and happy parties at your own home. Continue reading

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Big Hair, Tight Jeans and Disco Balls

tepeeI took a stroll down memory lane today. I was dancing underneath a disco ball to Aerosmith’s “Angel” while awkwardly trying to stay at arm’s length from my dance partner, a boy from one of the “public” schools.

Later, I was giggling with my girlfriends about the cute boy that tried to touch my butt and the even cuter boy standing in the corner. We would take a short break for Tombstone pizzas and maybe even a video game or two before heading back to the dance floor – a place where we felt on top of the world and totally rad. Continue reading

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