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I’m Late, I’m Late, For a Very Important Date

lateA few years back, I was reading through an interpersonal communications textbook and was shocked to learn that many psychologists claim that people who are chronically late are purposely late to gain attention. It was classified as a “diva” trait, to say the least.

 While I’m sure there is some “scientific study” that supports this theory, I don’t buy it. Continue reading

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My Dog is a Divine Diva

divaI love my dog – always have and always will, but my dog is a diva. She resembles a celebrity starlet, unwilling to settle for less, constantly testing boundaries and the patience of her posse.

I never owned a dog as a child, primarily because I have terrible allergies, but I decided two years ago to rescue this odd-looking puggle so that my kids could enjoy the benefits of man’s best friend early on. I soon learned that having a dog in the house is like having another child – only this new “baby” we inherited has grown into an expensive, attention-craving, time-consuming prima donna. Continue reading

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