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Child Care When You Can’t Be There

Published February 2011: eHow Family & Relationships

Child Care When You Can’t Be There
What Parents Need to Know When Selecting a Daycare

Article Excerpt:

Julie Wells, a St. Louis mother of two, removed her son from a day care when staff members fed him snacks made from peanut products despite his peanut allergy.

“They knew about his allergy, and I even packed his own snacks,” Wells said. “But they were too lazy to get them out.”

Unfortunately, Wells’ story isn’t unique. Day care disasters can haunt even the most careful parents. Something to which Brandy Hamann can attest. Continue reading


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Collinsville’s ‘Worker Bee’ Recognized

Published in the 5/27/10 issue of the Suburban Journals/Collinsville Herald

Collinsville’s ‘worker bee’ recognized
‘It’s my way to give back,” she says

Lois Metzger was a Collinsville High School Kahok cheerleader in 1955. Since then, she has been cheering for her hometown as an avid volunteer, booster and supporter.

Metzger, 73, was recently recognized by the Collinsville Junior Service Club for 50 years of active membership in the organization. “It’s a way to give back and make people aware that Collinsville is a good place to live,” Metzger said. Continue reading

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From Blue Collar Life to Police Brass

100_0917Published in the 9/30/09 print issue of the Suburban Journals/Collinsville Herald

From blue collar life to police brass
Collinsville assistant chief takes long route to front office

Tom Coppotelli describes his childhood in Washington Park as something straight out of “Leave it to Beaver,” complete with days playing ball on dusty baseball diamonds, roaming the streets with friends and hurrying home for dinner with his dad who worked on the railroad.

Back then, it seemed he was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps into a blue collar life. Continue reading

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City manager cooks up plans and food

SuburbanjournalsPublished in the 8/30/09 issue of the Suburban Journals/Collinsville Herald

After a long day managing city departments, implementing a strategic plan and fussing with budgets, it only takes a little food to relax Collinsville City Manager Robert Knabel.

Knabel, 58, is an amateur gourmet chef, a hobby few who interact with him at City Hall know about.

“I’ve always been interested in cooking. It’s therapeutic for me,” Knabel said recently. “It allows me to focus on something different.” Continue reading

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Collinsville teacher charts growth in new learners

mcfallPublished Online in the Suburban Journals/Collinsville Herald: 8/18/09
Published in the Print Edition: 8/23/09

Decorated with bright yellow borders and character cut-outs, Doris McFall’s classroom at Jefferson Elementary School in Collinsville has all the essentials of a typical kindergarten space, complete with crayons, markers and fairy tale books. But it’s also filled with something more difficult to pin down, McFall said.

“I tell my kids I love them and I mean it,” McFall said as she prepared her room for her new batch of 24 students before the start of school last week. “No matter how old they are, you treat the kids the way you want to be treated.”

Continue reading

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