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California Dreaming

I rarely remember my dreams, but once in a great while, I wake up vividly recalling the night’s events. The scene is clear, my thoughts are still wandering, and the “lesson” or moral of the story hits me smack dab in the face.

 Last night’s lesson was about “what ifs.”  In my dream, I was an eager 18-year old heading off to college in California, thousands of miles away from my southern Illinois family. As I toured my new campus and dormitory, my heart was beating fast as my newfound freedom excited me and the pressures of being alone overwhelmed me.

 It was a new culture, a new society, and a new environment. My typical routine, sayings, and even my wardrobe did not match the “norm,” but I didn’t care. I was living the life I always wanted … or so I thought. Continue reading


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