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Use This Only For Emergencies

When I traveled to Europe the summer after high school, my mom handed me a credit card right before I boarded the plane. She looked at me sternly and said, “Use this only for emergencies.” The next three weeks were filled with “emergencies.”

It was an emergency when I found the cutest jacket at EuroDisney. It was also an emergency when I was starving for a Belgian waffle on the streets of Belgium. The “emergencies” continued until I reached the $500 limit. Continue reading


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In this Room …

Tonight, after a 13-hour day of teaching and advising, I stood in the doorway of our student newsroom and paused with my head and my heart heavy. It was late and my kids at home were missing me, but I didn’t want to leave.

It was the last production night of the semester and I don’t deal well with the “last” of anything, especially in this room.

An outsider might not see the appeal of the newsroom. It is littered with soda cans, pizza boxes and empty energy drink containers. Papers overflow every desk and cameras are piled unorganized on the corner table. The recycled, dilapidated couch from Goodwill sits in the middle of the room and the floor looks as if it hasn’t seen a mop in a few months, if not years.

However, this room is the most appealing place on campus to me. Continue reading

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Lucky 7: Seven Websites Student Journalists Should Follow

newspapersEver since I began this whirlwind journey into college media advising, I have been scouring resources to pass on to my students. I’m a social media groupie and have found some of the best sites, blogs, and organizations an immense help in navigating the ever-changing field of journalism.

Majority of my students have little to no interest in Twitter, but ironically, majority of the tips and industry updates I receive come from my contacts on Twitter. So, I thought I’d pass these on with the hopes of encouraging my team to follow the trends and the advice from the best of the best. Continue reading

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