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Multiples? Things to Consider

multiplesPublished July 2014: Mom.Me

Multiples? Things to Consider
If you have multiples on the way, you’ll want to check out these 8 tips to help you prepare!

Article Excerpt:

As a mom of twins with a total of four kids, Melissa Perry Moraja knows firsthand that having twins is more tiring than having a singleton. Moraja, a North Carolina-based children’s author and illustrator, found that she slept more and ate more when pregnant with multiples. The weight gain was taxing as well, she says. “I was a 125-pound person who couldn’t even fit into my husband’s extra large clothes at 32 weeks pregnant,” says Moraja. Preparing for and parenting multiples includes considering self-care, baby care and support systems.

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– Shannon Philpott



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