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17 Proven Motivations to Get You Running

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 7.50.17 AMPublished October 2013: Livestrong

17 Proven Motivations to Get You Running

Article Excerpt:

It’s tempting to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep when the alarm buzzes with a reminder that it’s time for your morning run. What will it take to get you to jump up, throw on your running shoes and head out the door? People are motivated for a variety of factors — from competition and commitment to a race, to the physical and mental health benefits running provides. If you are struggling with motivation – whether it’s in the morning or at night – keep moving forward with your training program, find out what our experts suggest to keep you lunging toward the finish line.

Commit to a Race

Nothing can motivate a runner more than putting your money where your feet are. Whether it’s your first marathon, a trail race, an obstacle race or mud-covered 5K — just go for it, suggests Doug Piller, owner and lead trainer of CrossFit Go Time in San Diego. “You’ve paid money out of your pocket and you’ve announced to everyone what you’re doing,” says Piller. “This means that, whether or not you feel you have time to train, or whatever the weather conditions are like, race day is coming.” What’s next? Start running.

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– Shannon Philpott



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