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Healthy and Happy Halloween: Kids and Food Allergies

HalloweenAllergiesPublished October 2013: eHow Health

Healthy and Happy Halloween: Kids and Food Allergies
How to Keep Halloween Safe Versus Spooky

Article Excerpt:

Every Halloween, Elaine Taylor-Klaus’ living room turns into a trick-or-treating powerhouse when the Atlanta-based mother’s children return from showing off their costumes and collecting treats from neighbors. “The kids all come back and dump their loot on the table with dividers in place and start to sort,” she said. “These are my kids, and several neighboring kids, and the piles of candy are obscene in a truly wonderfully decadent way.”

Once the sorting is over, the trading begins based on each child’s food and dietary restrictions. “Yes, the kids have a food allergy, but we know what they can eat and what they can’t,” says Taylor-Klaus, a parent coach and the founder of “And the stuff we can’t identify is probably not any good anyway.”

As the mom of three children with strict gluten intolerance for more than nine years, Taylor-Klaus continues to make Halloween fun and tasty by taking precautions and educating her children about their allergies.

“Do they end up with a bit less loot than the kids without allergies? Yes,” she said. “But they are grateful for what they do have and they have a blast in the process. Halloween is, bar none, our favorite holiday.”

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– Shannon Philpott


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