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Family Activities with Preteens

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 5.14.45 PMPublished April 2013: Mom.Me

Family Activities with Preteens
Movies, murals and other fun ways to pass the day

Article Excerpt:

As your preteen begins to explore her freedom and social life, family time may not be as important or appealing to her as it used to be when she was younger. But just because your preteen is growing up doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice time with her. “Take the time to get to know your preteen, find out her likes and dislikes and listen to her,” says Erica Ives, California-based family therapist. By tuning into her interests, you may soon find she actually wants to spend time with her loved ones and is willing to dive into family activities.

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– Shannon Philpott



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