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A New Year of Food: Buy, Sell and Hold

Screen shot 2013-01-13 at 11.25.37 AMPublished January 2013: Livestrong.com

A New Year of Food: Buy, Sell and Hold

Article Excerpt:

Achieving your financial goals and reaching your wellness goals may not be as different as you think. Knowing what to buy, sell and hold is crucial when it comes to both your finances and your food choices. “If you are a wise investor, you would keep the high risk portion of your portfolio to a minimum; and it’s the same story with your food choices. The consequences of those choices could not be more important,” says Dr. Joseph Colella, Pittsburgh-based bariatric surgeon and weight-loss specialist.

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– Shannon Philpott



3 thoughts on “A New Year of Food: Buy, Sell and Hold”

  1. Shannon, I enjoyed reading this. I am a friend of your Dad’s and he shares these once in a while, so I subscribed and shared it to my d-i-l for her to read. Thanks.

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