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Sell Me Like THAT

I’ve never been a fan of sales people. As a journalist, I’m naturally skeptical and I always feel like sales people are trying to pull the wool over my eyes. I question whether they really have my best interests in mind or if they are truly looking out for themselves.

I generally dislike when people try to sell me. A car lot is a miserable place for me because I have this internal struggle of trying to stay strong and negotiate while carefully monitoring my budget and my needs/wants. Door-to-Door sales people make me even more uncomfortable. I feel like they are barging into my private life and interrupting my day.

However, I see the other side, too. I know that sales people have a need to support themselves through the products and services they provide. It’s their job.

This weekend I was exposed to a new type of sales. My cousin is a spa consultant for BeautiControl, a new and upcoming company that provides skincare and makeup products in a spa-like setting.

Originally, I agreed to have a spa party to support her and because she was so excited about the products. She suggested that I make it more like a party, rather than the typical Tupperware or Pampered Chef-type setting.

So, in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, we iced up Coronas, made margaritas, served chips and dip and gathered in my living room ready to get our spa on. It wasn’t the type of sales party where she talked the entire time. Instead, we got to rub foot cream on ourselves, wrap our feet in spa socks, spread warming masks on our faces and coat our lips with protective balm.

It wasn’t just for the ladies, either. The men (such good sports) sported their Olivia Newton John headbands and tried out moisturizers and the instant face-lift products.

As the spa consultant, my cousin passed out the product to everyone and answered our questions, but she didn’t interrupt the party environment and joined in with our conversations and laughter. She was just as excited to be there and even better, she was so excited to share these products that she truly believed in.

While there are many different sales approaches, as a consumer, I am persuaded much more by emotion. Show me how much you care about your product. Show me how much you believe in what you do. My cousin’s passion for anti-aging creams and exfoliators was evident in the way she stood back and let the products speak for themselves while we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

She wasn’t in our faces, she wasn’t pushy, and she wasn’t overbearing. She was fun, energetic and caring.

THAT is how I want to be sold.


– Shannon Philpott
Blog Entry: May 8, 2010

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