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Mommy’s Time Out

Deep down, I know that I’m a good mom. I know that my kids love me. And, I know that we all have mutual respect for each other. But, I don’t always see the effects of my parenting in the midst of our hectic schedules and daily routines.

 Sometimes, I need to take myself out of the “mommy” role to truly be a better parent.

 My job takes me to several professional development conferences every year. At these conventions and workshops, I learn how to effectively improve my teaching, my media advising and my skills as a reporter. Ironically, these conventions also teach me how to be a better parent.

 I don’t sit through classes on how to discipline, reward or motivate my kids, but I do sit through workshops on how to improve newsroom strategies, teaching pedagogies and reporting techniques that can be applied to my role at home.

 Just as technology has influenced my job, it has also influenced my job as a parent. I’m constantly competing with cell phones, iPods and Nintendo DS devices.

 On the job I typically learn how to use social media and advanced technology to my advantage. The same applies at home – if I’m not with my daughter, we can text each other. I can share iPod songs and applications with my son – prompting dance sessions in the living room or impromptu sing-alongs in the shower (if you’re a parent, you know very well that we hardly ever get to take a shower without a kid in the bathroom at the same time).

 My time out on the road is more than just a learning experience. It is a time for me to refresh, take care of myself and truly miss my babies. Missing someone helps you to appreciate them even more. Missing mommy is healthy.

 So, as I type this in the airport, ready to board a flight to California for the CNBAM conference, I am taking a time out while still missing my children. My daughter misses me, too – she just sent me a text that said so.


– Shannon Philpott
Blog Entry: March 24, 2010

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