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Writing: One Wild Ride

Many people often view writing as a chore – a painful task that invades their peaceful existence or one that is forced upon them in a classroom or work setting. Even as a writer, I sometimes find writing a challenging, heart-wrenching act but in the end, it is what I do again and again.

 For some, writing is like riding a bike. You work really hard to balance and build momentum – sometimes you take your hands off the handle bars and crash and burn; sometimes you breeze through the streets, storing up the adventure in that little wicker basket on the front end. Whether you crash and burn or master an impressive wheelie, most typically choose to keep on riding, take risks, hop on the two wheels, and continue with the journey.

 It’s always a wild ride – a different journey each time – a journey, though, that few eagerly attempt or welcome without dread.

 A friend of mine – who dreads writing even e-mails – recently asked me why I write. At the time, the simplest answer was “because it is what I love to do,” but after thinking about it some more, I realized that there are many more concrete reasons that cultivate this “love.”

 I write …

  • Because it allows me to step outside of myself and take on another persona
  • Because it begs me to dig deep into who I am as a mom, teacher, journalist, daughter, sister, and loved one
  • Because it gives me a venue to vent, argue, praise, and reflect, all at the same time
  • Because it frees me when my brain is on overload and my thoughts are running wild
  • Because it is challenging, heart wrenching, and even painful at times
  • Because it is rewarding, inspiring, and heartfelt
  • Because it is personal, something that belongs only to me

 When writing, I’m exposed, I’m vulnerable, I’m confident, and I’m free.

 I’m holding on to the handle bars for life.


 – Shannon Philpott
Blog Entry: Nov. 30, 2009

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