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Little Treasures for a Domesticated Moment

dirty-laundryIt is an understatement to say that I am not domesticated. I try – I really do, but the domesticated gene was never passed on, even though my mom tried her best.

She sews; I don’t own a needle or thread. She irons her clothes after each load; I iron my crumpled piles five minutes before I need to wear the clothes. She scrubs her floors on her hands and knees; I cheat with a swiffer and an H20 mop. She cooks for fun; I cook only when I have to. Most of all, she does laundry every day while I do laundry once a week or once every two weeks when we have a panicked “where is my soccer uniform” moment.

Today was laundry day and as much as I dread it, it is always an adventure. Why? Because laundry times produces unique treasures that I claim for the domesticated task at hand.

These treasures vary from a few pennies to a couple dollars. The treasures include hair bows, barrettes, and Happy Meal toys. The treasures bring a smile to my face when I find a note from one of my daughter’s friends or a post-it note drawing from my son. The treasures make me want to pull my hair out when they include an ink pen that leaked or a pack of gum that is now glued to my dress pants.

Some treasures leave me guessing and thankful for gentle cycles. Laundry time today left me with a gently-washed plastic water bottle, an arm of a Ben 10 action figure, 53 cents, and an unidentified red piece of candy.

Regardless of the treasure, the kids know that the treasures are mine once they leave the laundry chute. I claim them as a reward for being forced to participate in a domesticated activity. Not sure what I’ll do with the unidentified red piece of candy, but the action figure arm and the 53 cents should keep me occupied for awhile.


– Shannon Philpott
Blog Entry: Sept. 3, 2009

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1 thought on “Little Treasures for a Domesticated Moment”

  1. HI Miss BIB!!!! (you’ll always be miss bib to me) hope you don’t mind the ninmcake. Saw the pics of your apartment on FKissed, you have been lucky to find some fantastic miracle workers . And it is like a French Jewelry box, filled with gems .. Love the fridge, and the mirrored door everything .. xo Maryanne

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