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Sue Happy Swindlers

courtroomI’ve never sued anyone, nor has anyone sued me … yet. Maybe I’m not gutsy enough or maybe I just prefer to avoid confrontation. However, we live in a society where frivolous lawsuits are the norm – as detailed in this recent case: “Jobless College Grad Wants Tuition Back From Alma Mater

 The article states:

 “Trina Thompson, a 27-year-old graduate of Monroe College in the Bronx, N.Y., is suing her alma mater for $70,000 in tuition money, the Associated Press reports. Since her graduation with an information technology degree in April, Thompson has not been able to find work.”

 While I understand that many are struggling to find jobs during these difficult economic times, I can’t find “merit” in this suit or the hundreds of ridiculous suits in the courts right now. It seems that instead of taking responsibility for our personal choices, people would rather place blame and find justice by wasting taxpayers’ money left and right.

 The suit, though, got me thinking about how I could place blame on others for downfalls in my life and become a sue-happy swindler. Here are a few possibilities:

 I could sue:

  • The manufacturer of #2 pencils for the inconvenient piece of lead that has been in my knee since 1984 – Even though I jammed it into my own knee as a child, the pencil manufacturer should have placed a warning label on its packaging.
  • Chrysler/Jeep – The company did not warn me that when driving with the top down in a Jeep Wrangler my hair would become entangled, resulting in the purchase of expensive hair care products.
  • Creator of the Internet – Since I became a regular web surfer, my productivity at home and work has decreased significantly, resulting in lost wages and a less-tidy house.
  • T’sai Lun of China, the inventor of paper – I’ve suffered through a paper cut here and there, causing both physical and emotional pain and suffering.
  • LG, Blackberry, or Motorola – Although I’m not yet diagnosed with a specific syndrome, my thumbs often hurt after too much texting. I could also name Verizon or AT&T in this suit to bank a little more.

The list is preliminary, obviously. I haven’t even considered the emotional distress I’ve endured from my family and close friends, but in this sue-happy society, there is always time for more lawsuits, right?


– Shannon Philpott
Blog Entry: Aug. 4, 2009

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