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Yep, I Like Hannah Montana

I admit it. I like Hannah Montana. Her songs are on my iPod, the car radio is often tuned to Disney Channel, and I hannahknow all the words to the theme of her TV show.

 I tried my hardest not to like her – told others that it was my daughter’s music and that as a mom, I was forced to watch her show and listen to the Disney Channel. But, I’m coming clean – I’ve taken a liking to the pop princess’ style, lyrics, and even her alter ego, Miley.

 It’s not the sing-song melodies or even the stylish blond wig that attracts me to the music. It’s not the twang in her voice, her goofy persona, or the fact that I used to line dance to her dad’s music.

 It’s the innocence of her lyrics.

 As the mother of a soon-to-be 11-year old, I like the fact that Hannah/Miley’s lyrics encourage girls to chase their dreams, climb the mountains of life, and strive for the “Best of Both Worlds.” When singing and dancing alone in her room, my daughter takes to heart that “Life’s What You Make It.”

 It’s every mother’s dream to see her daughter grow up to be a strong, independent woman. Music is the pathway – one of the most influential aspects of a young girl’s life. Powerful lyrics that encourage strength transform insecure girls into positive, hopeful, strong women.

 Even though the icon’s squeaky-clean image has and will likely falter in the limelight, the lyrics remain as a reminder that strength, faith and hope can produce a rockstar.

 So, there. I said it. I’m a Hannah fan and luckily, so is my daughter.

 – Shannon Philpott
Blog Entry: July 20, 2009

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