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Feature This: Stories With Heart

newspaperheartFeature stories have heart. Feature stories have warmth. Most of all, feature stories force a writer/reporter to evaluate the human side of a community – beyond the facts, beyond the opinions – to find the spirit of the story.

I have always favored feature stories (or soft news) as a writer because it gives me the chance to get to know people on a higher level than straight news reporting (hard news) does. Beyond that, it also forces me to work as a reporter with feelings – yes, some reporters have actual feelings  :). Continue reading


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College Media Advising: Learning to Let Go

themontageAdvising a student newspaper is very much like teaching a child how to ride a bike. Cautious and slow at first, a parent is right there, guiding, supporting, and coaching. As the child gets the hang of it and gains confidence, you slowly push away and let him or her ride off on his own, watching his every move from a distance and hoping for the best.

 Sometimes the kid crashes, sometimes he stops himself, afraid to move on, and other times, he rides recklessly without any fear, throwing caution to the wind.

 As the faculty adviser to The Montage, a student newspaper at St. Louis Community College – Meramec, I’m just like that parent in the newsroom. Continue reading

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