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The Hidden Veggie

The Hidden Veggie Stocking Up On a Healthy Lifestyle Article Excerpt: When her children were young, Antoinette Kuritz made sure they ate their veggies. In fact, she made sure they grew them, too. "We planted a huge garden, and they each had their own colander," said Kuritz, a California-based public relations specialist. "For each meal, they went outside and picked the veggie they wanted, picked how much they were prepared to eat, washed and drained it, and put it on their plates." For the Kuritz family, vegetables were a natural part of mealtime. However, in many households today, the closest thing to a veggie is a French fry. Adding much-needed nutrients to your kids' meals may be a challenge when high sugar, salt and fatty foods are conveniently within reach, but it's a necessity for maintaining their health. Before you'll have any success, though, you'll have to get to the root of the veggie stigma as a family.