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Letting Go and Moving On

It’s always interesting to me the memories we hold onto as we get older. Some of them are near and dear to our hearts whereas others bring back the ping of pain in our guts as we remember every single vivid detail. I remember what it felt like to hold my daughter for the first time as if it was yesterday – not 16 years ago – and I can still feel the fear I felt when my son was born and refused to breathe for the first 30 seconds of his life. Beyond the precious memories that warm our hearts and make us thankful for our gifts, those odd memories of events passed often stick with us, too, and sometimes, for way too long.

Newspaper Writing, Opinion, Sample Work

Faults of Faith

I have never claimed to be perfect and my children know this to be true first-hand. They see my faults on a daily basis. They will call me out when I mix up their sandwiches while packing lunches; they will gripe and moan because I’m always late — often while sitting in the garage waiting for me — and they, as teenagers, have no problem telling me when I roll through a stop sign or forget to turn on my signal. My children know that I have faults; they see that I’m human, but more importantly, they recognize that I try my best.