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What is Good Writing?

Every semester, it never fails, that a student asks me what constitutes good writing. I welcome this question although it is difficult to answer. The truth is that good writing is subjective and what I may deem as a good piece, someone else may not. However, I’m going to attempt to answer this question with a list of possibilities – a realm of traits that have led me to rave about and cherish a piece of writing. Read the rest at

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Why I’m a Selfish Teacher

Before I was a parent, I never bought into the line “this hurts me more than you.” If I was getting grounded or disciplined, how in the world did it pain my mom more than me? But, as an instructor, the phrase bears a hint of truth. It does hurt me when a student fails, which is why I continue to be a selfish teacher. My agenda is selfish – I want to grow and learn, too, and failure is not an option. Read the rest at

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Journalists, the Library is Your Friend

I feel sorry for the library. It has truly lost its glory in the past 10 years. Once thought of as the end-all-be-all place for information, it has been replaced by Internet search engines that quickly lead us to websites within minutes. No one takes the time to browse the library’s shelves anymore, leaving dust to settle on our nation’s most valued treasures – books. Read the rest at