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Building a Bond, 12 Ways

BabyBondPublished June 2014: Livestrong.com

Building a Bond, 12 Ways

Article Excerpt:

As your eyes meet and you smile at the blessing in your arms, you know that this precious child will change your life. Finding ways to communicate your love, adoration and the need to nurture your baby often comes naturally. And many ways to bond with your little one and build a natural connection will develop over the years. From gentle caresses to skin-to-skin feeding, bonding with your baby is a blessing in disguise.

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– Shannon Philpott



1 thought on “Building a Bond, 12 Ways”

  1. The answer is in your explanations! May be we can bond with a baby with the language of touch.. it connects beautifully and also with the help of music. It reminds me of my sister’s baby who use to sleep listening to a particular hymning sound that we prepared for him. I am sure parents connect in couple of ways…may be all about blood and connections 🙂

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