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Faith – A Fresh Take: Mothers as Super Heroes

faithPublished October 2013: The Messenger Catholic Newspaper

Faith – A Fresh Take: Mothers as Super Heroes

Article Excerpt:

I’ve always heard about and truly do believe in a mother’s intuition. My mother could always tell when something was wrong based on my tone of voice or my facial expressions, no matter how hard I tried to mask the pain or anguish I was feeling. She just knew something wasn’t right. She wasn’t a magician or a superhero — she was a mother.

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– Shannon Philpott



2 thoughts on “Faith – A Fresh Take: Mothers as Super Heroes”

  1. Excellent article, Shannon. I myself have asked all of those questions, but I think if we’re the best role models we can be, our kids will be fine. I used to not cry in front of my daughter when she was little. But she knew I was upset anyway. She’d bring me her blankie and then I’d cry. That’s how I learned it was OK to do so.

    1. Stacey – that is so incredibly sweet of your daughter and such a powerful way to show that she supports you and understands you. I agree, our kids do need to see as humans with real emotions, happy or sad.

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