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Getting Kids Ready for when Divorced Parents Begin Dating

Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 7.11.39 AMPublished December 2012: Mom.Me

Getting Kids Ready for When Divorced Parents Begin Dating
How to introduce your new special someone to your child

Article Excerpt:

When a divorced parent begins dating, it can be an anxious time for children and parents alike. Children often question if they will be forgotten or if the parent will not have enough time for them while parents are struggling with a balance of taking care of their children’s needs and their own need to move on.

“For children, parents’ dating is a concrete and clear sign that their parents are not going to get back together. and it’s an adjustment realizing that they have to share their parent with another person,” said Dr. Tamar Chansky, a leading anxiety psychologist and author of “Freeing Yourself from Anxiety and Freeing Your Child From Anxiety.”

Though as with any change there may be growing pains along the way, leave room for the possibility that this could be a good thing for all, said Chansky.

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– Shannon Philpott



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