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Homemade Christmas Decorations: A Family Affair

Published November 2011: eHow Home

Homemade Christmas Decorations: A Family Affair
Getting Crafty for the Holidays

Article Excerpt:

People who purchase Christmas décor each year can add quite a bit of expense to an already expensive tradition. Rather than buying yet another string of lights — possibly pushing the electric bill higher — or paying for pricey, mass-produced decorations that you are likely to encounter in as many homes as you visit during the holidays, this year make your own. You may or may not save money, but you will certainly provide a project that the family can share.

“The great memories that can be created by having family members work together (on) Christmas décor projects,” said professional decorator Lauri Ward, “may become the most memorable and treasured part of your holiday tradition.”

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– Shannon Philpott



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