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Put a Stop to Bedtime Tantrums

Published November 2011: eHow Family

Put a Stop to Bedtime Tantrums
Going from Struggles to Sweet Dreams

Article Excerpt:

You know the scenario. It’s time to go to sleep, but your toddler wants you to read just one more book or sing yet another lullaby. And once you’re done with that, she needs a drink of water, but then still refuses to settle down. Before you know it, she’s overtired and unhappy, which results in a bedtime tantrum — and one exhausted parent.

Enforcing a bedtime for your child doesn’t have to be a battle, though. With established guidelines and a clear understanding of the need for sleep, parents can stop the bedtime tantrums and send their toddlers off to dreamland.

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– Shannon Philpott



3 thoughts on “Put a Stop to Bedtime Tantrums”

  1. I’ve always taken my daughter to long walks or activities that tire her out before napping her, by then she was too tired to put up a fuss about it and napped peacefully. It worked better over time and eventually became a routine 🙂 in the end that’s all it really is, just keep same hours and so on 🙂

  2. / Every night we would read and practice our signs. By the time she was one year old, she could sign the signs from this book. Ok, her signs were not prefect but I knew what she was talking about. Learning signs has really helped with her communicating with us. I am so glad she learned the signs. Now, at 2 years old, she talks and uses the signs to help us understand.

  3. This is a photo of my daughter that was taken from my personal Facebook page without my permission. Please remove immediately. Thank you

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