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How to Have a Nightmare-Free Halloween

Published September 2011: eHow Family

How to Have a Nightmare-Free Halloween
Kids May Need Help to Separate Fantasy from Reality

Article Excerpt:

Whether it’s ghosts and goblins terrorizing your 3-year old or remnants of a mask-wearing movie slasher haunting your 6-year old, Halloween can mystify even the most well-adjusted child.

The confusion gets even worse when scary villain costumes prance around ghostly yard ornaments — yet lurking behind each neighborhood door are candy and a friendly greeting.

“What makes Halloween fun is when kids can play with and dress up as things that are scary for them,” said Tamar Chansky, child psychologist and author of “Freeing Your Child From Anxiety.”

“It’s not fun when kids are terrified of something,” Chansky said.

It’s up to parents to help keep the bogeyman at bay during Halloween.

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– Shannon Philpott



1 thought on “How to Have a Nightmare-Free Halloween”

  1. Halloween Carnival is really a hororr event. I never miss it. I like to have hororr clothes and makeup. My favorite getup is Vampire. I like vampire costume after watching Van Helsing movie.

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