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What to Expect in Freshman Year of College: Student’s Guide

Published August 2010: ParentUSAcity.com

What To Expect in Freshman Year of College: Student’s Guide

Article Overview:

College is a whole new world for both parents and students.

Here are insights to help you and your freshman better understand what your child will experience in freshman year, from a college grad who with her mom has written a “both sides” look at the college years.

Article Excerpt:

The most anticipated time has arrived—the first year of college. Amidst the excitement of moving out, grasping freedom, anticipating change, and forging new friendships, the average college freshman often underestimates the challenges associated with adjusting to an entirely new lifestyle.

Although college offers opportunities and an adventurous academic and social journey like no other, breaking through the barriers of the unknown and dealing with the uncertainty of what to expect that first year are often sources of significant stress. Finding a balance between freedom and responsibility is crucial.

What freshmen can expect the first year

According to Steffany Bane, a graduate of the University of Miami–Florida who with her mother, Margo E. Bane Woodacre, M.S.W., is co-author of I’ll Miss You Too, an off-to-college guide for parents and students, it is important for college freshmen to remember that every other freshman is scared and a little nervous, too, anticipating an exciting first year.

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– Shannon Philpott


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